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The Rubicon difference

Customised asset management services

Rubicon Solutions has been implementing customised asset management strategies for the earthmoving industry for over 25 years.

The key to our success is knowing our customers’ business, understanding their focus and adding value to their day-to-day operations.

The long-term relationships we’ve built are a direct result of our approach to business – you manage your core business and we’ll manage your assets.

Your core business

We understand that your focus and value proposition is within your core business of civil works, construction, mining or quarries. Our value is to assist you to manage your non-core business and leverage strengths in asset management to give you a competitive advantage.

Rubicon Solutions applies a strategic approach to how your company conducts business, reaches decisions and processes, uses and communicates information. While you take care of your day-to-day operations, we create strategic asset management plans that ensure your organisation delivers its services as effectively as it can.

By evaluating which assets your organisation owns and operates, where they are at in their life cycle and what their resale value is worth, your business can achieve a greater return on asset investment. We can also identify underperforming costly assets and recommend disposal strategies to generate cash flow from their sale.

Customised asset management

How it will benefit you

Rubicon Solutions’ depth of experience in establishing and implementing customised asset management frameworks will ensure your business operates more cost-effectively and efficiently in several key ways:

Asset strategy

We evaluate and assess your fleet of equipment and recommend a strategy for each asset based on your forecasted job requirements and the profitability of each asset.

Asset utilisation

By understanding your business requirements we can review options to increase utilisation and uptime of your fleet through application, systems and technology.

Asset costs

Through benchmarking of operational costs such as repairs and maintenance, PM servicing, fuel, tyres, undercarriage and ground engaging tools, we can implement ways to control, manage and reduce whole of life asset costs.

Return on investment

We customise solutions to improve return on your assets to ensure a greater benefit is earned from the capital you have invested.

The ideal asset management partner

Rubicon Solutions is the ideal asset management partner for all segments throughout the earthmoving industry.

Contact us today to get the competitive advantage your business needs to succeed.

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