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With over 25 years of industry experience, Rubicon Solutions is a leader in asset management.

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Customer-focused strategies

Rubicon Solutions is a leader in asset management, delivering customer-focused strategies to ensure businesses achieve maximum value from their plant and equipment investments.

Specialising in whole-of-life management for assets in the earthmoving industry, Rubicon Solutions has a key focus on civil, construction, mining and quarry operations.

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Whole-of-life asset management

We are committed to ensuring your assets are operating to their full potential and your organisation is delivering services as effectively as possible.

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Leading industry experience

Rubicon Solutions is led by Director Fred Haynes, a civil engineer with over 25 years’ experience in developing equipment management solutions.

Fred’s experience in establishing and implementing customised asset management frameworks will ensure your business operates efficiently and cost-effectively.


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Our specialisations

We work closely with our customers in the civil, construction, mining and quarry industries by specialising in:

Asset strategy

A dedicated strategy aims to deliver the best possible asset performance.

Total cost of ownership

A holistic approach will determine the most cost-effective option.

Plant acquisition and disposal

Knowing the best time to dispose of your asset will maximise your return on investment.

Maintenance management

Increase machine utilisation and availability at a controlled operating cost.

Fleet health

Pro-active fleet health management increases plant reliability.

Supplier management

Leveraging the value from suppliers to ensure they deliver a cost-effective service.

Fleet production and cost estimates

Manage fleet performance to ensure your actual production and cost match your estimates.

asset management, Home, Rubicon Solutions
asset management, Home, Rubicon Solutions
asset management, Home, Rubicon Solutions

Asset management strategies that work

Rubicon Solutions key strength lies in our ability to manage plant acquisition, equipment productivity, maintenance management, fleet health and asset disposal in the most cost-effective way.

Critical to a business’s success is operating plant and equipment at a known cost and controlled risk. We work closely with each customer to understand your business and your assets, enabling you get on with your core business while we manage your assets.

Our strategic approach considers how your company conducts business, its decision-making processes and how it functions day-to-day. By evaluating the assets you own and each asset’s lifecycle, we can identify the right time to implement effective disposal strategies to achieve maximum return on investment.

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At Rubicon Solutions we pride ourselves on our customer focus. We understand how important it is to deliver efficient and effective services to successfully complete large civil works, construction projects, mining operations and quarries.

Our whole-of-life asset management approach to your fleet ensures you can deliver your project with credibility.

Contact Fred and the team to discover how Rubicon Solutions will benefit your business.

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