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asset management solutions, About Us, Rubicon Solutions

Asset management solutions

Delivering exceptional customer value

Rubicon Solutions is a Newcastle-based asset management solutions business with over 25 years’ experience in the civil, mining and quarry industries. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our customers through customised equipment management services.

Our knowledge and experience in managing plant acquisition, equipment productivity, maintenance management, fleet health and asset disposal in the most cost-effective way is our key strength. When owning and operating a fleet of equipment understanding and managing your assets at a known cost and controlled risk is critical to successfully delivering a project. 

We understand that our customers are under increasing pressure to get more out of their assets.

You need to manage financial constraints, forecast lifetime costs, control maintenance spend and optimise the performance of your assets. You need experienced partners like Rubicon Solutions to deliver the lowest total cost of asset ownership to achieve key outcomes for your business.

Rubicon Solutions

Asset management solutions are crucial for your business because the purchase of plant is often the largest capital investment you will make. Effective solutions will help you manage and keep track of your capital equipment and ensure you achieve an acceptable return on your investment.

Above all else, our customers value their name and reputation. Rubicon Solutions’ whole-of-life asset management approach to your fleet ensures you can successfully deliver your project with credibility. Our customer focus ensures your name and brand, as represented on each asset, is maintained.

asset management solutions, About Us, Rubicon Solutions

Asset strategy

Ensure you gain control and effectively manage assets. Make certain your assets are operating at their full potential.

asset management solutions, About Us, Rubicon Solutions

Plant acquisition
and disposal

Knowing the best time to dispose of an asset is critical to maximising your return on investment.

asset management solutions, About Us, Rubicon Solutions

Supplier management

Supplier management is about leveraging the value from suppliers to ensure they deliver a cost-effective service.

asset management solutions, About Us, Rubicon Solutions

Fred Haynes

Equipment Management Specialist

Rubicon Solutions Director Fred Haynes has over two and a half decades’ experience advising customers in civil, mining and quarry applications with total cost of ownership models and fleet production and cost studies. 

He holds an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from LaTrobe University and spent six years lecturing undergraduate engineers at Curtin University and the WA School of Mines.

Fred is an experienced General Manager in Equipment Management Solutions, Technology, Sales and Training and Development. He has also served as a Divisional Manager for Plant, Transport and Maintenance for a large privately owned civil contracting business with full profit and loss and capital expenditure responsibility.

Customised equipment management services

If your business would benefit from from an experienced and effective asset management partner, contact Rubicon Solutions today.

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