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Civil, construction, quarry and mining asset management

Rubicon Solutions work closely with our customers to provide asset management solutions that allow you to focus on your core business in civil engineering, construction, mining and quarries.

We provide a range of customised services to implement and manage whole of life asset management strategies. Our services cover equipment acquisition through to disposal, fleet health and maintenance and supplier service contracts and support agreements.

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Asset strategy

Asset strategy is a structured process that ensures you gain control and effectively manage assets and make certain your assets are operating at their full potential. A dedicated strategy aims to deliver the best possible asset performance.

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Total cost of ownership

The total cost of ownership is the capital purchase price plus the ongoing operating cost of your asset less residual value at time of asset disposal. Assessing the total cost of ownership shows what value that asset delivers on a return on investment. This holistic approach will determine the most cost-effective option.

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Plant acquisition
and disposal

Plant acquisition and disposal evaluates the capital invested in each asset. Decisions on purchasing assets either new, used, rental or rent-to-buy will vary depending on individual customers’ circumstances. Knowing the best time to dispose of an asset is critical to maximising your return on investment.

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Fleet production
and cost estimates

Fleet production and cost estimates assess machine productivity (tonnes per hour, cubic meters per hour) and cost ($ per tonne, $ per cubic meter) to ensure the fleet selected will meet your job requirements at the lowest cost. Understanding and utilising machine systems and technology will help you monitor and manage fleet performance to ensure your actual production and cost match your estimates.

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Fleet health management

Fleet health management includes monitoring critical equipment information and data and planning preventative maintenance servicing and defect repairs. Pro-active fleet health management minimises the risk of unexpected and costly machine downtime and increases plant reliability.

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Supplier management

Supplier management is about leveraging the value from suppliers to ensure they deliver a cost-effective service. Setting up and managing key supplier agreements with appropriate warranties and service levels for support assists in managing the cost and risk for machine downtime. Establishing good relationships and effectively managing and communicating with suppliers plays a significant part in successful organisations.

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Maintenance management

Maintenance management is the process of maintaining a company’s assets and resources. The purpose is to increase machine utilisation and availability at a controlled operating cost.

Comprehensive, whole-of-life asset management

If your business requires comprehensive, whole-of-life asset management, you can’t go past Rubicon Solutions.

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